From 11 to 14 October in Kiev took place the XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Armory and Security - 2016". The exhibition on the eve of the Defender of Ukraine Day had both practical and social importance. The exhibition "Armory and Security" is a unique tool for deepening of military and military-technical cooperation with foreign partner countries in order to strengthen an inland economic potential as well as to unite all citizens of Ukraine.

For any country the opportunity to conduct large-scale armory forums is defined by the position in the global armory market, by the level of its scientific and technological base and defense industries. Since 2004, the success of the exhibition "Arms and Security" is a clear evidence of the high authority of the national scientific and industrial complex in the design and manufacture of new types of weapons, military and special equipment, the quality of which has been repeatedly tested under the real conditions, and strengthened the Ukraine's right to have a major international gunsmiths’ forum.

Using the experience of leading gun shops abroad, the exhibition "Armory and Security" was held in the format of two main sections:

  1. Armory and military equipment for the army and police.
  2. Weapons for civilians.

As a part of the military exhibition the following segments were presented :

- Weapons and personal outfit for a soldier on the battlefield;

- Equipment and armaments of the Land Forces;

- Arming and equipping law enforcement agencies;

- Means of border control support;

- Military aircraft.

The civil part of the exhibition was presented by a highly diversified range (in the price range and the number of world famous brands), hunting, sporting, historical and knives, tactical products for hunting and recreation.


The Research Center of SSU regional security expert, a member of the human rights NGO "Committee of National Security" Denis Bityukov attended the exhibition. He told about the most interesting things of the exhibition and shared his own experience.

- This year the exhibition represented the equipment from over 300 companies from different countries. What kind of impact in your opinion, will make this large-scale event for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular?

-Yes, it is a large-scale event. Two hangars of the Exhibition Centre were completely filled. The exhibition embraced everything from uniforms to drones. Unfortunately, the military equipment, which was presented, will not be provided to the ATO, because the companies, that produce it, are mostly private. Surprisingly, to buy a new APC will be cheaper than to repair the old one. It is also unclear what is the purpose of designing the the rifle "Malyuk" on the scheme "Bullpup" of Kalashnikov automat model, if it costs about five thousand UAH. Isn’t  it easier to replace it with a new rifle " Zbroyar” ( english “gunsmith")? But no one takes any notice of this.

-  Which one of the armory or military equipment presented is already being used in Ukrainian Army?

-Such armored tanks as KrAZ, BTR-4E and so on are being used ... Of course, the exhibition presented more modernized examples in comparison to those, used in the area of ATO or National Guard, but they really use it.

- With which countries, in your opinion, Ukraine should cooperate in military-technical sphere for the development of our army?

- I think. that in our country there are enough potential, power and capacity to develop successfully in this area on our own. Some of our Ukrainian developments are in no way inferior to the world brands, and sometimes are even better than some of them.

As for the cooperation with other countries - of course, it's good. But the process of the "Ukroboroneksportom" is tight-laced. This is an  acute problem of bureaucracy and corruption.

- Which Ukrainian and foreign developments appeared to be a discovery for you?

- I really liked, what the company "Ukroboronprom" has introduced. For example, mini-APC “Phantom”, which can be controlled remotely over the air or by cable. It can go on the route, with an accuracy of half a meter and follow their own fighters. I would also like to highlight the telesets “Archer” by Ukrainian company «Termal Vision Technologies», and quadrocopters. And, of course,I couldn’t, but mention the special gear - body armor in the form of embroidery.

- The exhibition was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Do you know anything about their willingness to purchase any latest armory samples?

- I had a chance to speak with Igor Mosiychuk. When I told him: "It would be good if this armory was at the front," - he replied: "Yes, it would be nice ..."

- How much useful is this event, in your opinion?

- Such exhibitions should be carried out more often than just once per year. There are two major reasons for this: to inspire Ukrainians to believe in a powerful state (some people just cannot believe some examples of armory to be made in Ukraine) and the opportunity to learn about new machines and technology for those, who is interested in it)

Yana Dyryavska,

The Centre Journalist